Dress Code

Members and their Guests are required to dress and present themselves both on the Course and in the Clubhouse in a manner respectful of each other and consistent with the Club’s standards.



Within the clubhouse neat and smart casual attire is acceptable.

On the course and practice facilities collared shirts must be tucked in and may incorporate a small logo. Dress shorts or trousers worn with a belt. Golf shoes (no metal spikes) with sport socks of a solid colour.


Denim, track suits, draw shorts, football jumpers, t-shirts, singlets, open toe footwear, hats on in clubhouse,  clothing  with large advertising material.



Neat and smart casual attire is acceptable.


Denim, track suits, rugby jumpers, t-shirts, singlets, thongs, clothing with large advertising material or bare midriffs.


If mobile phones are switched on they must be on vibrate mode only. It is not permitted to make or recieve calls on the course unless a medical emergency exists. Use of a mobile phone for other purposes is permitted as long as no delay to play or disturbance to golfers is caused.